Class BasicFunction

  extended by org.exist.xquery.AbstractExpression
      extended by org.exist.xquery.PathExpr
          extended by org.exist.xquery.Function
              extended by org.exist.xquery.BasicFunction
All Implemented Interfaces:
CompiledXQuery, Expression, RewritableExpression, CompiledExpression
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AccountManagementFunction, AccountStatusFunction, Base64Functions, BaseConversionFunctions, BaseConverter, BinaryDoc, BinaryToString, BuiltinFunctions, Clear, Collations, CollectionName, Compile, CountInstances, Create, DeepCopyFunction, DocumentNameOrId, EncodeURL, Eval, Expand, FilterNested, FindGroupFunction, FindLastModifiedSince, FindUserFunction, FnExport, FnFormatDates, FnFormatNumbers, FnImport, FunAdjustTimezone, FunAnalyzeString, FunBaseURI, FunCodepointEqual, FunCodepointsToString, FunctionAvailable, FunctionFunction, FunctionTrace, FunDateTime, FunDefaultCollation, FunEnvironment, FunError, FunEscapeURI, FunGenerateId, FunGetDateComponent, FunGetDurationComponent, FunHeadTail, FunHigherOrderFun, FunIndexOf, FunInScopePrefixes, FunNamespaceURIForPrefix, FunNilled, FunOnFunctions, FunQName, FunResolveQName, FunSerialize, FunStringJoin, FunStringToCodepoints, FunTrace, FunTrueOrFalse, FunUnEscapeURI, FuzzyIndexTerms, GetAttributeNames, GetBuild, GetContextPath, GetCookieNames, GetCookieValue, GetData, GetExistHome, GetExists, GetExists, GetExists, GetHeader, GetHeaderNames, GetHostname, GetIndexStatistics, GetMemory, GetMethod, GetModuleLoadPath, GetNodeById, GetParameter, GetParameterNames, GetPathInfo, GetPrincipalMetadataFunction, GetQueryString, GetRemoteAddr, GetRemoteHost, GetRemotePort, GetRequestAttribute, GetRevision, GetRunningJobs, GetRunningXQueries, GetScheduledJobs, GetScheme, GetSequenceType, GetServerName, GetServerPort, GetUploadedFile, GetUploadedFileName, GetUploadedFileSize, GetUptime, GetURI, GetURL, GetVersion, GrammarTooling, GroupManagementFunction, GroupMembershipFunctions, Hash, HighlightMatches, IndexKeyDocuments, IndexKeyOccurrences, IndexKeys, IndexTerms, IndexType, InspectFunction, InspectModule, Invalidate, IsExternallyAuthenticated, IsMultiPartContent, Jaxp, Jaxv, Jing, KillRunningXQuery, KWICDisplay, LibFunction, ListBackups, LogFunction, MapFunction, MatchCount, ModuleFunctions, ModuleInfo, NodeId, NoParamFunctions, OneParamFunctions, Parse, PermissionsFunctions, Profile, PrologFunctions, QNameFunctions, RandomFunction, RedirectTo, RegexpFilter, Restore, RetrieveBackup, Serialize, SetCurrentUser, SetPrincipalMetadataFunction, Shutdown, Stream, StreamBinary, SystemProperty, TextRank, Tokenize, Transform, TriggerSystemTask, TwoParamFunctions, UMaskFunction, UpdateStatistics, UUID, Validation, Wait, XMLDBAbstractCollectionManipulator, XMLDBAddUserToGroup, XMLDBAuthenticate, XMLDBChangeUser, XMLDBCreateGroup, XMLDBCreateUser, XMLDBDefragment, XMLDBDeleteUser, XMLDBGetCurrentUser, XMLDBGetCurrentUserAttribute, XMLDBGetCurrentUserAttributeNames, XMLDBGetMimeType, XMLDBGetUsers, XMLDBGroupExists, XMLDBIsAdmin, XMLDBIsAuthenticated, XMLDBMatchCollection, XMLDBPermissionsToString, XMLDBRegisterDatabase, XMLDBRemoveUserFromGroup, XMLDBSetMimeType, XMLDBURIFunctions, XMLDBUserAccess

public abstract class BasicFunction
extends Function

Abstract base class for simple functions. Subclasses should overwrite method eval(Sequence[], Sequence).

Wolfgang Meier (

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
BasicFunction(XQueryContext context, FunctionSignature signature)
Method Summary
abstract  Sequence eval(Sequence[] args, Sequence contextSequence)
          Process the function.
 Sequence eval(Sequence contextSequence, Item contextItem)
          Evaluate the expression represented by this object.
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accept, analyze, createFunction, dump, getArgument, getArgumentCount, getArguments, getCardinality, getDependencies, getName, getParent, getSignature, isCalledAs, returnsType, setArguments, setParent, setPrimaryAxis, simplify, toString
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eval, getSource

Constructor Detail


public BasicFunction(XQueryContext context,
                     FunctionSignature signature)
Method Detail


public Sequence eval(Sequence contextSequence,
                     Item contextItem)
              throws XPathException
Description copied from interface: Expression
Evaluate the expression represented by this object. Depending on the context in which this expression is executed, either the context sequence, the context item or both of them may be set. An implementing class should know how to handle this. The general contract is as follows: if the Dependency.CONTEXT_ITEM bit is set in the bit field returned by Expression.getDependencies(), the eval method will be called once for every item in the context sequence. The contextItem parameter will be set to the current item. Otherwise, the eval method will only be called once for the whole context sequence and contextItem will be null. eXist tries to process the entire context set in one, single step whenever possible. Thus, most classes only expect context to contain a list of nodes which represents the current context of the expression. The position() function in XPath is an example for an expression, which requires both, context sequence and context item to be set. The context sequence might be a node set, a sequence of atomic values or a single node or atomic value.

Specified by:
eval in interface Expression
Specified by:
eval in class Function
contextSequence - the current context sequence.
contextItem - a single item, taken from context. This defines the item, the expression should work on.


public abstract Sequence eval(Sequence[] args,
                              Sequence contextSequence)
                       throws XPathException
Process the function. All arguments are passed in the array args. The number of arguments, their type and cardinality have already been checked to match the function signature.

args -
contextSequence -

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